Editor / Content Reeler

Commission estimates:

TikTok/Short-Form Videos*

  • 1 TikTok/Short - $15

Bulk Bundles

  • 5 TikToks/Shorts (monthly) - $70

  • 10 TikToks/Shorts (monthly) - $135

  • 15 TikToks/Shorts (monthly) - $190

  • 20 TikToks/Shorts (monthly) - $280

  • 30 TikToks/Shorts (monthly) - $375

YouTube Videos*

  • 2 to 10 minutes - $100 USD (can fluctuate)

  • 11 to 20 minutes - $195 USD

  • 21 to 30 minutes - $395 USD

  • 31+ minutes - Contact Me

Current / Past Clients:

About Me

My name is Glitch, i am a freelance video editor currently working for Content Creators such as Achiumoe, AyuuChii, and Kiuuyri. One of my biggest strengths is that i can adapt very well to my clients needs. If you need any services done you can contact me through the below methods:

Twitter: @pooblas
Discord: Glitch#0906

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Working with creators, such as AyuuChii, Achiumoe, Sopralto and Shirosakimato

@ayuuchii Now, practice self love bitch 🔪 #Vtuber #Streamer #FYP #Humor ♬ son original - ayuuchii
@ayuuchii You don't want to offend me do you? 😡 #Streamer #Vtuber #FYP #positivity ♬ son original - ayuuchii

and MUCH MUCH more!



These rules apply to any videos created by me.
- Saving the given video(s) is the client's responsibility, if for whatever reason you lost it, you can contact me for it but I can not assure you I will be able to provide it.
- I have the right to refuse a service to anyone for any reason.
- You are allowed to repost my work/design in any other social media with proper credit.
- This is a digital product, no physical item will be delivered unless stated otherwise.


- A preview will be sent for approval where you can request any changes you would want.
- Some minor details of the video may be edited to fit my style, please do not commission me if you are not comfortable with it.
- Feel free to contact me for updates, but please do not rush me, the commission might take from 2 days to 4 weeks to be finished.


- Payment is only accepted in USD through PayPal Invoice.
- Payment will always be collected before the final product is delivered.
(unless we have a monthly plan setup)


- An order may be cancelled if payment has not been sent.
- I do NOT do refunds.
- If a chargeback is issued, you will be black-listed immediately, if there are major issues regarding the sale, contact me first so we can discuss it.


- I will not be held responsible for any YouTube or other medium's Copyrights that a video may infringe; I avoid Copyrighted material. In the scenario a video is taken down, clients please contact me and we can discuss removing the material.
- I retain rights to the video that allow me to display it in my social media or other mediums as examples of my work.


- My work is not for commercial use (i.e. merchandise), if you wish to use it in this way, contact me and we can discuss it further.